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Do you wish to order a takeaway or deliver it somewhere else? We've got you too!
Fill in the order form below, choose requested amount of skewers, don't forget to fill in your name, surname, contact phone, email and then you can look forward to delicate culinary experience, that you can enjoy comfortably at your home, corporate party or anywhere else :-)

Delivery for Prague 1 is free of charge for orders over 1,000 CZK and orders over 2,000 CZK have free shipping throughout Prague. Personal pickup directly from us in Špejle is also very popular.

Orders for the same day we accept till 11 a.m. or personally on our phone 606 700 200.

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Minimum order is 24 skewers for delivery. There is no minimum limit for picking up at the bistro.
Price of big box (24 pcs) is 49,— CZK, price of small box (12 pcs) is 24,— CZK.

small box (12 pcs) 29,—
large box (na 36 pcs) 59,—
Please, add more boxes! (capacity of boxes is overloaded)
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All goods are intended for immediate consumption!

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